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Travel by Road

Some of the major motorways (autoroutes) in France pass through Burgundy making it easily accessible from the whole of Europe. Use our map and route planner to make your journey trouble free.

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Blue zone for free parking in FranceIn the blue zone

Many towns across France have blue zones for parking. From tourist offices and newsagents you can buy a disc for 2 euros allowing you to park for up to two hours (excluding 12.00-14.00 when parking is free anyway.) Simply set your arrival time on the clock and place in the windscreen saving time, hassle and money.

'Stop Dreaming and Start Riding'

Harley Davidson'Today could be the day you file away 436 emails into colour-coded folders...
...or it could be the day you test-drive a Harley Davidson.' So says the Harley website.

Well now you can make this a reality with a holiday in Chalon-sur-Saône where the tourist office has come up with the exciting idea of renting out these iconic bikes. The uncluttered roads in Burgundy are perfect for the ride... let freedom take you over. Prices start from 120 - 240 euros per full day and from 720 - 1440 euros for a week depending on the model. XL1200C, Dyna Custom, Softail Heritage and Street Glide are all available. For the Harley Experience, contact: officedetourisme@achalon.com, tel: 00 33 (0)3 85 48 37 97

Don’t be out of pocket

There was much in the press when France announced that it was compulsory to carry a breathalyser kit in the car. The authorities were due to introduce on-the-spot fines from March 1 2013 but the government has now postponed it indefinitely. The law remains officially in place so to be on the safe side, pick up a couple from a French petrol station for about a euro each.

With a dash to find finer weather on the continent, take care to conform to the growing list of traffic regulations in France. On-the-spot fines on average cost 60 euros but in the worst case scenario, it could be the maximum of 1600 euros. If you are pulled over by the police they could also check that you have deactivated the speed-camera detection function on your satnav. The fine for not doing so, could be as high as 1500 euros.

 ‘Although some police officers carry card machines, many demand that that these fines be paid in cash, with those who fail to cough up the money having to face the embarrassment of being escorted by police to the nearest cash point’ reports The Telegraph. ‘Traffic police are also able to enforce regulations on carrying safety triangles, spare lamps, and reflective jackets’ says Neil Greig of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. You will also need to be able to produce your driving licence, proof of insurance, passport and, if you are in your own car, proof of ownership (V5C certificate).

Car rental

Compare prices and get competitive quotes as a glance.

We have teamed up with Auto Europe to bring you up to the minute technology offering pick up points at the airports nearest to Burgundy, plus the towns of Avallon, Auxerre, Beaune, Dijon, Nevers and Sens. You can book your online now. Travelling in France on a foreign driving licence? This is no problem providing the licence is printed in the Roman alphabet. If this is not the case, you will need to present an International Driver's Licence along with your regular licence at the time of picking up your hire car.


Rent a car, UK driving licence changesOn June 8, 2015, driving licence changes come into force in the UK. As it stands at present you need to take the paper version (counterpart) of your licence as well as the photocard driving licence with you when renting a car. The DVLA website says:

'From 8 June 2015, you may wish to check with the hire company what they need to see when you hire a vehicle. If you’re asked for evidence of what vehicles you can drive or confirmation of any penalty points, you can request a unique code from GOV.UK which allows you to share your driving licence details or you can download a summary of your driving licence record. The code lasts for up to 72 hours and will allow the hire companies to make any necessary checks. You can also request a code by calling 0300 790 6801. This also applies if you have a paper licence that was issued before 1998'.https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes

Travelling through burgundy

We have suggested Hotels en Route when you are travelling through Burgundy. Our booking service also includes other regions in France, as well as other European destinations. So look no further.

on the right track

On your travels, a GPS (global positioning satellite) will make life much easier, especially if you get lost in towns. At burgundytoday, we recommend the Garmin Nuvi which comes with European maps. Many a time it has saved the day in time, stress, and petrol. Also it has introduced us to many new and beautiful routes through the countryside.


Personalised transportation

Bourgogne Gold Tour BurgundyBe picked up at the airport in Paris, Lyon or Geneva and transported in style in a Mercedes by Youri Lebault to your Burgundy destination. He will also drive you to other locations in France and Europe.

So that you can enjoy your lunch or wine tasting without worrying about drink driving, Youri will also take you to lunch or business destinations or take you on guided tours of the
vineyards and historic places. Bourgogne Gold Tour

Travel Insurance

Apart from the essential holiday insurance, many people are now taking extended breaks whether it is a gap year, a sabbatical or a retirement trip and need insurance to cover all eventualities. Make sure you look at the differences between annual cover and extended cover. Some companies differentiate between annual policies which provide cover for multi-trip travel with a maximum number of days covered within any 12 month period. Extended policies provide cover for a continuous period of six, nine, or say 12 months and are priced accordingly.

If you are going on an adventure holiday, this needs to be taken into account, as does the age of the travellers.Columbus Direct offer single trip, annual multi-trip, adventure, backpacking and silver age insurance. This is a multi-lingual provider with offices in France, UK, Spain, Italy. Germany, New Zealand and Australia. They offer 24/7 assistance, reasonable prices and have a no-fuss website that navigates well. www.columbusdirect.com

A6 & The Bison-fute

Some of the main road arteries through France, pass through the centre of Burgundy, making journeys quick and easy in general. The exception to this is the days of high volume traffic known as the bison-futé. According to the density of traffic, the roads are given colour ratings: green for normal, orange for difficult, red for very difficult and black for extremely difficult. The French government-sponsored site shows the concentration of traffic throughout the year – www.bison-fute.equipement.gouv.fr


Motorway service stations open on a 24 hour basis but this is not the case on the lesser roads around the region. Most petrol stations shut around 18.00 some are closed Sundays and Monday mornings, and while there are credit card petrol pumps, more often than not, these only take Carte Bleu, the French credit card. So, keep the tank topped up to a reasonable level if you want to avoid a heart flutter on the back roads.

Documents, waistcoats and triangles

Carry your driving licence and passport or identity card with you whenever you are driving in Europe.

In addition, a fluorescent waistcoat and two warning triangles must be carried with you in the car - the rule states that the jackets should be stowed in the passenger compartment. And if your car is immobilised by a breakdown or accident, the warning lights need to be turned on.

Speed limits

Generally speaking follow these guidelines: built-up areas 50 kph; single carriageway roads 90 kph, reduced to 80 kph in the rain; dual carriageways out of town 110 kph reduced to 90 kph in rain; motorways (autoroutes) 130 kph reduced to 110 kph in rain.