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Looking to buy a property in Burgundy? There is a wide selection of real estate available in the region from barns and farms to houses and châteaux. We look at where to buy, doing up a house, and the financial side of owning a home and moving and living in France.

A-Z Suppliers Directory   Buying Property

Looking for an architect, an old fireplace, replacement tomettes, a new kitchen or bathroom? Some suppliers are worth going out of your way for.


How do you go about buying a property in France? What about a survey? Are loans available? It’s easier than you think says our property expert, Richard Sutcliffe.

Doing Up a Property   Gardener's Year

If you like old houses, you will see endless potential in the barns and buildings in Burgundy. Here are some guidelines to getting the renovation started.


A month by month guide to what to plant in your Burgundy garden.

Property For Sale   The Role of the Notaire

There is plenty of choice at affordable prices in Burgundy. Stone buildings with old oak beams, barns and granaries, from cottages to houses, farms to châteaux, each has its own charm and will capture your imagination.


The Notaires of France explain exactly what they do, what they are responsible for and how much they charge for various services.

Village Architecture   Where to Buy Property in Burgundy

What is it that gives Burgundy so much charm and romance? Partly it is the architecture in the villages which has stood the test of time and which is so pleasing to the eye.


Where do you start looking for a home? There’s a choice of landscapes and house styles to choose from.