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Images of Burgundy

festive feast - a celebration of burgundy's gastronomy

Whet the appetite with a selection of some of the region's favourite dishes, each accompanied by one of Burgundy's red, white or rosé wines. As well as the traditional recipes, the chefs are more and more combining top quality local ingredients and global influences in their menus with particular emphasis on Asian cuisine and Mediterranean food. Images:courtesy Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB).

The classic Boeuf Bourguignon   Epoisses cheese and Burgundy wine   Oysters at New Year Celebrations
All time favourite Boeuf Bourguignon   Epoisses , Ami du Chambertin,
Soumaintrain cheese
  A celebration menu for the New Year
Charcuterie from Burgundy   Goat's cheese from Burgundy   Oeufs en Meurette
Regional charcuterie   Goats cheese from local producers   Oeufs en Meurette
Snails in Garlic Butter   Blinis and caviar   Tarte Tatin
Snails in garlic butter   Blinis, caviar and Crémant de Bourgogne   Tarte tatin
Sushi and Burgundy wine     Langostine aux girolles
Embracing trends from the East   International food, French style   Michelin starred chefs in Burgundy

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