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Historic Places

Burgundy highlights include the Hospices de Beaune with its dazzling tiled roof, l'Abbaye de Fontenay and the Romanesque basilica at Vézelay. The monastery of Cluny has a story to tell, as do the grand châteaux such as Cormatin and Ancy-le-Franc. Celts, Romans, the glorious days of the Dukes of Burgundy - there's a variety of historic places to discover all over the Burgundy region.
In Franche-Comté don't miss Le Corbusier's chapel at Ronchamp and the Salt works in Salins-les-Bains and Arc-et-Senans.
For winter visitors, see Historic Places open all year.

Abbeys & Churches   Archaeology

Abbeys and Churches in Burgundy, FranceBurgundy has some fine examples of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
Vézelay, L’Abbaye de Fontenay, Cluny, Autun, and Tournus have been important throughout the centuries of monastic dominance in the region.


Rich in archaeology, there's plenty to explore in Burgundy. Around Mount Beuvray, there is l'Oppidum de Bibracte, and Alésia is where Vercingétorix lead the Gauls to war in 52BC. Caesar got the upper hand and modern France was born.

Chteaux   Famous Names

Chateaux in Burgundy, FranceVisit the great châteaux of Burgundy and travel back in time to the age of court scandals and military greatness. Stately homes such as Château de Bussy-Rabutin, Château Bazoches, and Château Rochepot are open to visitors.


Famous NamesWe look at the lives of some well known Burgundians in history who went on to make their mark in the world. Mitterrand, right, was not born here but was a Burgundian at heart.

History of Burgundy   Medieval Villages

From the Prehistoric days of hunting, cave paintings and stone tools to the Celtic traders with their numerous gods and their sacred places; the dominance of the monasteriesand the Glorious Age of the Dukes of Burgundy...


Medieval Villages in BurgundyFamous for some of the most picturesque villages in France with timber-framed houses, cobbled streets, fortified gateways and in summer, windows brimming with geraniums. Noyers, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain and Nolay are just three of many worth visiting.

Museums   Myths & Legends

Museums in BurgundyThere’s something for everyone. From old bikes, cars and planes on show at Château de Savigny-lès-Beaune to the history of the Resistance Movement at St-Brisson. The Colette Museum in the Puisaye traces the life of France’s most famous romantic writer.


After the Bible, the legend of King Arthur is one of the most famous stories ever told. What is the evidence that the great man was in Burgundy? ‘Avalon or Avallon? Marilyn Floyde investigates.