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Internet & WiFi

WiFi on the move

Information junkies we may be, but for most of us travelling and holidays without internet access is just not an option. Hippocketwifi is the solution wherever you happen to be in Burgundy, Franche-Comté and the whole of France.

WiFi hotspot to rent supporting up to 10 devicesRemember not so long ago trying to find an internet cafe when travelling or on holiday?  It could be stressful, often uncomfortable and not secure. Tech has come a long way since then - we want to be in touch with our family and friends, find  travel information, world news and a host of other things while we are on the go. The easy solution is to rent this little device, a WiFi hot spot, and receive the internet on your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are in France
at any time. It's goodbye to roaming charges too.

As the name suggests, Hippocketwifi  will slip into your pocket - it is the size of a cigarette pack and weighs 130 gms. Importantly, this high speed WiFi network is totally secured and private and you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Large cities such as  Dijon, Mâcon, Auxerre, Besançon and Belfort have 4G connection. Other towns have 3G and this is improving all the time.

So, you may be relaxing on a canal cruiser on the Canal de Bourgogne, looking for a map of the vineyards on your bike, searching for the opening times at the château or wanting to find the nearest restaurant. At the end of the day in your holiday accommodation, plan your next day's activities, catch up with friends and more.

Hippocketwifi, rent a mobile hotspot for internet access throughout France

How it works

Hippocketwifi will be delivered to your accommodation, nearest Post Office (see list below), the airport or a pick-up store. The thing is to order it before you set out so it is ready and waiting at the start of your trip. The rental of the device starts from 4.90 euros a day with long term prices starting from 30 euros a month. The battery life is six hours with the option of a spare battery at a modest additional rental available.

Once you receive it, turn it on and enter the password written on the soft case onto your devices and you are all set to go.

At the end of your stay, use the prepaid envelope provided and post it in any yellow mailbox in France, it will go back directly to hippocketwifi.com, based in Lyon.

For full information: www.hippocketwifi.com

some of the Main Post Offices in Burgundy for collection

Cte d'Or  




  • 7 Boulevard St.Jacques
  • 3 Rue Joliet
  • Place du Président Wilson
  • 26 Boulevard Georges Clemenceau
  • Rue Jean Renaud, Grangier
  • 82 Boulevard Mansart
  • Montbard


    Nuits-St- Georges

  • 4 Rue d’Abrantes
  • Place de la République
  • Quetigny


  • 1 Place Centrale
  • 3 Rue de Nachey


    La CharitE-sur-Loire



  • 4 Rue Charles Chevalier
  • Avenue du General LeClerc
  • Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire



  • Place de la Résistance
  • Rue de la République
  • Nevers

  • 25 Bis Avenue Pierre Beregovoy
  • 5 Rue Ernest Renan, Banlay






  • 2 Rue Georges Lapierre
  • 2 Boulevard de la République
  • 3 Rue Victor Hugo
  • Montceau-les-Mines



  • 20 Rue Carnot
  • Avenue de Bourgogne





  • 11 Rue des Hospitaliers
  • 9 Rue des Odeberts
  • Joigny



  • 1 Quai du 1er Dragon
  • 95 Rue de la Rpublique
  • Tonnerre

  • Rue Vaucorbe et St.Michel