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Specialist Shops

Mulot et Petitjean, Dijon

Mulot and Petitjean Dijon
A pâtisserie famous for it's decor

13 Place Bossuet, Dijon.

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Visit this ptisserie as much for its beautiful dcor as for its products. The shop has been in existence since 1796 selling le pain d'pice dijonnais, a speciality of the town since the 1700s. This spiced cake is still made to the original recipe with additions of honey, lemon, ginger, chocolate etc. in all shapes and sizes for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's day. Boxes of Tranches d'Orange and Mignonnettes Fruitées make ideal gifts.

Pain d'pice was introduced from Flanders in the time of the Dukes of Burgundy and with Dijon being on the spice route, it quickly became an institution. The shop itself is like stepping back in time with decorative carved wood painted in aquamarine and marble. A visual and culinary delight.


Maille Mustard Shop Dijon32 Rue de la Liberté, Dijon

Mustard Maker

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Apart from standard Dijon mustard, Maille offers many enticing varieties from tarragon to fennel. Take your own pot and get it directly from the pump, and try their vinegars, and oils. Antoine Maille opened his first mustard shop in 1747 and this one is timeless.

La boutique de l'escargot, chenove near dijon

La Boutique de l'Escargot, Burgundy41 Ave Roland Carraz, 21300 Dijon

Snails and snail paraphernalia

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Oozing with garlic and parsley butter, snails are one of Burgundy's most famous regional dishes. This shop near Dijon specializes in prepared snails, accessories such as
the forks related to eating them, and recipes with a new twist.
Online shopping also available.

Au Negus, Nevers

Au Negus Nevers
Confectioners with a touch of the East

96, Rue Franois-Mitterrand


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In 1901 the Emperor of Abyssinia who was known as Negus, came on an official visit to France. Monsieur Grelier, the then owner of a confectionery business was in the habit of creating a new delicacy at the end of each year and naming it after an important or momentous event. That year, the chocolate sweet was named after Negus, as its colour ‘recalled the illustrious visitor’s complexion.’

Lyron who now owns the business has been making this soft chocolate caramel with a glacé-sugar coating ever since. The shop is full of eastern promise, with antique tiled floors and hand painted panels giving it a touch of the Arabian Nights.

Boutique Vedrenne, Beaune

28 Rue Carnot


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Vedrenne, a leading manufacturer of Crème de Cassis and other fruit liqueurs and marcs based in Nuits St. Georges, has a very attractive shop in Rue Carnot in Beaune. You will be tempted by the bilberry, peach from the vine and grenadine, not to mention the very old Marc de Bourgogne liqueur. There is a shop also at Nuits St. Georges and a third shop in Dijon.

Au Parrain Genereux, Dijon

21 Rue du Bourg

Confectioner and Chocolate maker

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Fabrice Gillotte is recognised as one of the best chocolate makers in France. Some chocolates have a light, soufflé texture, then there are the nougats, florentines, crystallised fruits and pastries. All the products are beautifully presented and irresistible.

La Meuliere, Chalon-sur-Saone

Boulangerie from Chalon sur Saone
Organic, wholegrain, hand-made loaves.

25, Rue Général Leclerc


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If you like bread with substance, Achim and Carinne Bongerts’ bakery, La Meulière is well worth going out of your way for. Using organic wholegrain cereals, the hand-made loaves are farmhouse fresh. Some include nuts, others, dried fruits. Their jams, biscuits and especially the light and airy cheese wafers for apéritifs are highly recommended too.

Alain Hess, Beaune

Cheese at Alain Hess, Beaune, Burgundy

7 Place Carnot


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Alain Hess has recently relocated his famous cheese shop to centre stage in Beaune on Place Carnot. This fromagerie is something special – the cheeses are stored in his cave and sold in their prime. Stocking over 60 different types, all the region’s cheeses from Cîteaux to Epoisses are for the taking. Alongside, gourmet treats are on display to tempt the eye, the stomach and the wallet such as rice flavoured with lavender, specialist teas, truffles and fruit liqueurs.

La Fouchale, Saulieu

Fromagerie, Saulieu, Dijon

4 Place de la Rpublique


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Specializing in locally produced farm cheeses, this little shop in the centre of Saulieu is a joy. Made from goat, sheep and cow milk, the small producers such as l’Abbaye de la Pierre qui Vire and are amongst the numerous choices on display, plus the Burgundian favourites such as to Vacherins and .

BouchE, Beaune

1 Place Monge

Chocolatier, Ptisserie, Tearoom

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You could easily miss this little gem of a shop, but don’t. The gâteaux and gougéres are the best, and having specialized in chocolate since 1925, you know you are in for a treat. Try the ‘mustard’ truffle, a one-off, and relax in the café with a temptation.


Maker of fine nut oils

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Exporting as far afield as the States and Japan, the Leblanc family produce the finest quality gourmet oils from walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, grape seed and more. This is the fourth generation of the family working seven days a week from this village right in the southern tip of Burgundy; quality artisans to be sure.

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