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Organic Products – ‘Bio’

The ‘Green’ movement is gathering strength in Burgundy as specialist producers turn to ‘bio’ or organic production. The food not only tastes better but there are health benefits too.

France has always supported its small specialist food suppliers both in the street markets and supermarkets, many of whom practise organic, or ‘bio’ production. No pesticides or hormones are used, resulting in less toxins entering your body and more naturally flavoured products. ‘Look behind the label’ is the message and focus on the source of the product.

The ‘Green’ movement is gathering strength. In Burgundy there are now 600 organic producers representing four percent of the agricultural production of the region and the number is growing all the time. In addition there are 48 producers of organic wine. There are firm targets to be reached and the Regional Council is looking at ways to make public areas, stop urban sprawl and create vegetable belts around the cities.

In January 2005 the logo AB, Agriculture Biologique came into being making it easy to instantly identify organic products. Producers have to conform to strict guidelines in order to display this credential. Wine, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables and bread, honey and herbal teas are all available either directly from the farms or markets or contact us for details of local suppliers. Supermarkets too have caught on offering Bio teas, cereals etc. From July 2010, in line with EU regulations, the origin of the product has to be displayed.