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Visual Arts

Bettina Rheims   Film de Bourgogne

Bettina Rheims, Burgundy, FranceFrench photographer Bettina Rheims is internationally known for her images of women.


Georges Hosotte, Burgundy, FranceThe Commission du Film de Bourgogne based in Avallon collaborates with film companies worldwide.

Frédéric Tillier   Georges Hosotte

Frdric Tillier, Burgundy, FranceFor the last 14 years, Frédéric Tillier has devoted all his spare time to nature photography, and the resulting images, are we think, exceptional.


Georges Hosotte, Burgundy, FranceLocal painter, with world renown. Cherry blossom and poppies, water lilies and reflections on the water, Hosotte shows the Burgundian landscapes around Irancy in a new light.


Jorge Lorenzo by Patrick BurnhamMaster of Textile Art. Pictures of top sports from F1 cars to motor-cyclists in appliqué.


Travel Photographer Michel Joly, Burgundy, FranceContemporary art gallery in Dijon featuring the work of 40 French artists

Michel Joly   Véronique Giarrusso

Travel Photographer Michel Joly, Burgundy, FranceHe is known throughout the Burgundy region for his images of people and places.


Vronique GiarrussoVéronique Giarrusso’s work is evocative and full of feminine mystique.

Yan Pei-Ming    

Yan Pei Ming, Burgundy, FranceFor the last 25 years, Shanghai born painter Yan Pei-Ming has been living in Dijon. He left his native land at the age of 20 and came to Paris.