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couleurs Leroux

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Paint Making

Couleurs Leroux has been manufacturing oil paints for nearly a hundred years. Originally tucked away in an old mill at Villiers-sur-Tholon in Yonne, the company can now be found in Joigny, producing only the highest quality paints, supplying professional artists worldwide.

The smell is intoxicating at this little mill. Linseed oil is mixed with poppy seed oil and natural pigments imported from all over the world, using the original formula, tested through time. The paint is passed through a special machine several times to achieve the high quality product with that vibrant luminosity of colour so essential to good oil painting.

This little ‘atelier’ is the only one in France still producing oil paints using the original method. Marcel Reynaud, a painter himself, bought out the original family a few years ago so that the range could continue. He now supplies over 2000 painters regularly, offering a choice of three qualities.

62 Avenue Gambetta, 89300 Joigny, Tél : 03 86 63 45 75