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Channel Crossings

Channel crossings to France from the United Kingdom are quick and easy through the Channel Tunnel with operators Eurotunnel or Eurostar, or go by ferry to Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk or Le Havre.

The Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel High Speed Train Burgundy France
Eurotunnel shuttle

The Channel Tunnel linking the United Kingdom to France has revolutionised the crossing of this short stretch of water. The actual tunnel, completed in 1994 is 39 km long making it the longest undersea tunnel in the world. It is a masterly piece of engineering, providing a service for foot passengers called Eurostar, and one for car travellers, Eurotunnel.

With your car

Eurotunnel High Speed Train Burgundy France
Inside the Eurotunnel shuttle

The easiest and fastest way to cross the English Channel with your car is to use the Eurotunnel shuttle. This crossing between Folkestone and Calais takes 35 minutes – there are no worries about weather conditions and bumpy crossings in the Channel, it is a smooth journey all the way.

You drive on the train at one end and before you know it, it is time to move off again at your destination. During the journey you can get out of your car to stretch your legs along the walkways on either side of the vehicles.

With 2.1 million people using the Eurotunnel shuttle each year, it is the number one choice. Prices are from £49 one way, or £39 for frequent travellers. Prices depend on demand so early booking is advisable.

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Train passengers

If travelling without a car, Eurostar operate the train service from London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet or Ashford in Kent to Lille, Brussels or Paris, with easy onward connections. The journey under the English Channel takes 20 minutes and the service is frequent and hassle-free. No fears of a bumpy crossing with this method of travel. Book ahead for the best fares.

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For accommodation en route

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