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White Water Rafting in Burgundy, France
White Water Rafting

The numerous lakes and rivers in the Morvan Forest, the natural park in the centre of Burgundy, provide the perfect location for watersports. The rivers such as the Chalaux and Cure are great for canoe-kayaking and white water rafting, while on the lakes, you can sail, canoe, or just potter around on a pedalo.
The rivers Yonne, Cure and Cousin and their tributaries become turbulent watercourses during the winter. Dams and reservoirs have been built to regulate the flow of these rivers and harness the water for hydroelectricity (Chaumeçon and Crescent) and in some cases for drinking water (St-Agnan and Chamboux), creating the six large lakes. They are ideal sporting locations.

Rivers of the Morvan

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River Chalaux

Canoeing in Burgundy, France

The European Championship in canoe-kayaking were held on the River Chalaux in July 2005 – one of the best rivers in France for this sport. When the Barrage de Chaumeçon is opened, 5 cu.m/s of water pours out. AB Loisir, based at St-Père-sous-Vézelay organise white water rafting here (accompanied trips, minimum age 16). They can supply the dates of the dam barrier opening.

River Cure

For a more gentle approach, the whole family can go canoe-kayaking, down the Cure river a distance of 8km from Malassis to St-Père, or 18km from Malassis to Semizelles, accompanied or on your own, by arrangement with AB Loisirs at St-Père (special life jackets for children provided).

River Yonne

In summer, AB Loisirs open their base at Armes and offer canoe-kayaking along 8km from Villiers-sur-Yonne to Armes and 18km from Bréves to Armes. This beautiful valley meanders along unspoilt countryside.

Sailing in Burgundy, France
Yachting on the lake

The Lakes of the Morvan

The dams and reservoirs such as Pannecière-Chaumard, Lac des Settons, Cresent, Chaumeçon and St-Agnan provide scenic locations and a variety of watersports. Look out for the ‘base nautique’ signs. Sailing and canoe-kayaking are the most popular with windsurfing on the Lac des Settons. See Lakes of the Morvan

Useful addresses



Base Nautique du Moulin du Vallon 0033 (0)3 85 86 95 80
sailing, pedalo, canoe-kayaking



Etang du Goulot, 0033 (0)386 22 85 47



Base Nautique Activital 0033 (0)386 84 51 98
all watersports



Loisirs en Morvan 0033 (0)386 31 90 10



AB Loisirs 0033 (0)386 33 38 38
canoe-kayaking, white water rafting, plus other sports



Bases Nautiques 0033 (0)386 84 51 98
Chaumeçon windsurfing and all watersports



Aquadis 0033 (0)386 37 95 83



Morvan Eaux Vives 0033 (0)386 22 86 76



Okhéanos Loisirs, Bornoux, 0033 (0)386 84 60 61



Tous Azimuts, 0033 (0)386 22 28 97

PLAINEFAS   AN-rafting 0033 (0)386226528