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Microlighting (ULMs)

Microlighting in Burgundy, FranceMicrolights, also called ultralights, were rather home grown flying machines in the early days twenty years ago, creating a lot of noise and vibration, but now they have developed into sophisticated aircraft. A progression from the hang-glider in the ski resorts in the French Alps in 1973, the craze caught on in a big way and a French company La Mouette quickly became a market leader. Someone then came up with the idea of adding an engine, and the microlight was born.

Designed to carry no more than two persons, the flexiwing or delta wing is similar to a hang-glider with a 'trike' suspended underneath. The other type is a three axis or fixed wing version which looks like a conventional aeroplane.

Today, using high-quality lightweight materials the microlight is being improved aerodynamically all the time. The flexiwing can be quickly assembled in 10–15 minutes and the folding wings make transportation easy on a medium-sized trailer. The endurance of the machines has been increased allowing you to fly for seven or eight hours before refuelling. Shock absorption has been built-in
for comfort and above all safety and the noise has been dramatically reduced.

There are some 50 airstrips in Burgundy, and over 40 microlighting clubs belonging to the FFPLUM, Fédération Français d'ULM. Each summer at the end of July and beginning of August, the federation organizes a circular tour around France, a fête de l’air. Let's fly!