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White water rafting in Burgundy

Kids' Stuff

Easter special 2017 - Lego Mania at April 8 - May 1.

Burgundy has plenty on offer for adults, but what about the kids?
There's Beaune Côté Plage a fantastic leisure centre with four landscaped lakes, Marilyn Floyde takes the little ones to Cardoland, stay on a houseboat or in a gyspy caravan in a nature reserve at Village Toue and don't forget Guédelon for a medieval day out.

Beaune CotE Plage

Beaune Plage, Burgundy Beaune Plage Burgundy

A fabulous new leisure centre costing 4.3 million euros has opened at Montigny-lès-Beaune, just outside the wine capital of Burgundy. Four landscaped lakes with natural filtration, (one specifically for toddlers) a 2.40m slide, diving boards and a water climbing wall open June to end of September. You can hire a lounger and sun umbrella while the youngsters play and relax in the sun or go to the restaurant for a reviver. Open daily; from 02/06 to 15/06 and 15/09 to 28/09: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays; from 16/06 to 14/09: every day.

Cardoland for toddlers

In Burgundy there's a whole Jurassic Park-ful of dinosaurs, something to fire up the imagination of toddlers - see Touring Routes

Village Toue

For a memorable family holiday with a sense of adventure, Village Toue in southern Burgundy offers houseboats on a lake or gyspy caravans in a nature reserve at La Domaine des Desmoiselles.

Village Toue Gypsy style caravans in southern Burgundy Village Toue Houseboats for adventure holidays in Burgundy

kids' activities

There are plenty of fun outdoor activities for teenagers in Burgundy - here are some pointers to burn up excess energy and get the kids away from their screens and gizmos to make the most of the great outdoors over the summer holidays.

What's On offer?


  • Raft one day,stay in a yurt or a hotel in the Morvan Natural Park and then hot-dog or hydro-speed on day two.
  • Canoe or raft down the Cure or Chalaux rivers then quad bike or mountain bike the following day through the Morvan forest.
  • Canoe down the Loire river to the Bec d'Allier nature reserve and stay bivouac style.
  • Sail on Lac des Settons then the following day mountain bike through the Morvan.
  • Canoe on Lac des Settons exploring the islands

Tree Climbing

  • AcroGivry has 22 routes and a huge zip. Spend the day whizzing around the forest and cycle or roller blade the following day
  • Accrobranche then spend the night in a teepee or tree house. Explore southern Burgundy by bike
  • Tree climbing in the Morvan then sleep in a hammock at the top of a tree.

Go Karting

  • Get on track with karting sessions at Burgundy's two famous racing circuits, Dijon Prenois and Magny Cours
Les Grilles Burgundy Turoparc Burgundy

Les Grilles Burgundy

Horse Riding

  • Three different locations - southern Burgundy, St. Fargeau or the Morvan, each providing stunning scenery

Arts and Crafts

  • Cookery lesson with one of Burgundy's top chefs, then cycling or roller blading the next day. Choice of Givry area or Dijon
  • Sculpture in the Puisaye, famous for its pottery. Join a weekend workshop or near Mâcon try your hand at sculpture and jewellery making

Theme Parks

  • Touroparc in southern Burgundy has 800 animals. Down the road is something for the adults too, the Beaujolais Hameau du Vin
  • Guédelon one of burgundytoday's favourite venues followed by the nearby Parc Boutissaint for cycling and exploring or accrobranching.
  • Enjoy Parc des Combes in Le Creusot. Spend a night in a trailer or in a cabin under stars in Divertiparc and the following day enjoying the attractions.