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How to Achieve Wellness

The Balance of the Body

The Balance of the Body – the Principle of Vitality is fundamental. Known as prana in India, qi in China, ki in Japan and rLung in Tibet, if this force becomes blocked, help is needed to restore the physical, mental and spiritual balance of the body. Medical treatments and alternative treatments can achieve this.

Alternative medicine looks at the holistic approach from symptons and causes through to nutrition and overall health to restore the correct balance the body.


Lifestyle encompasses the positive or negative effects of your occupation, recreational activities, relationships, diet and exercise. To ensure good health and prevent disease, a balanced lifestyle is important, particularly including regular exercise.

Harmony with the Environment

In Asian culture shrines and temples are sited where the flow of energy is most beneficial. Architecture is viewed as a divine science and the construction of buildings conform to sacred geometric principles. Pilgrimages are made to these places of spiritual power to ensure wellbeing. Good health is also gained through the ancient science of feng shui. In the west, and nowhere more so than France, places such as Lourdes, Vézelay, and Paray-le-Monial also have these powers and receive hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year.

Harmony with the World Beyond

Medical traditions are intimately linked with religious beliefs; meditation, prayer and ritual appeal for divine protection and promote healing. Cosmic forces in the universe come into this also: astrology, astronomy and cosmology.

Sir Henry Wellcome (1853 – 1936 ) an American pharmacist and philanthropist left a legacy from which the Wellcome Trust was formed. Part of the Trust consists of a very important library, available to the public for research: http://library.wellcome.ac.uk/