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Dashang Kagyu Ling

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Buddhist Temple Burgundy France
Dashang Kagyu Ling

Driving down the D994 south west of Autun, the golden pinnacle and colourful stepped roof line of the largest Buddhist temple in Europe appears through the greenery. As you enter the grounds of the Temple des Mille Bouddhas, the prayer flags rustle in the breeze. This is Paldenshangpa La Boulaye but you could be in Bhutan.

Lama Seunam heads up this Buddhist group. He came from Bhutan with his wife and daughter, finding many similarities in the calm green hilly countryside of La Boulaye to his homeland. There are 6 lamas at the centre, plus 30 lay residents. Ten men and five women are on retreat for the traditional three years, three months and three days following a rigorous and structured rhythm of life.

Dashang Kagyu Ling

The Buddhists lead a spiritual life with an hour of meditation in the temple at 7 am and again in the evening. In between there is counselling, community work and teaching and they are well integrated in local life. Lama Seunan for example has participated in a debate on euthanasia in Le Creusot. ‘Our religion’, he says, ‘is to benefit others and help them find harmony and peace inside.’

Courses and seminars are given at the centre on yoga, relaxation, meditation and massage.

Kagyu Ling, La Boulaye, is open to visitors every afternoon from 14.30 to 17.00. July and August also from 10.00 to 12.00. dashang.kagyu.ling@wanadoo.fr

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