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Where to learn French in Burgundy and the local French Media

Language Schools



Would you like a total immersion, or a more leisurely, less stressful approach to learning French? Are you wanting the skill for business reasons or for enjoyment and personal fulfilment? Would it be best to go with your partner, your family or on your own? And, of course, what is your budget? Does a buzzy town or a country setting where there is no distraction appeal? All these things are essential questions in choosing the right course for you.

For a friendly, personal approach, at La Petite Classe, Maryse Planel offers one, two or three week courses from her home in the beautiful old convent in Semur-en-Auxois. She gives 22 hours tuition a week, accommodation, two meals a day plus two visits per week to places of interest. All this starts at 1200 euros per week per person with a maximum of three students at one time. This is learning without pressure, tailored to your individual need and at your own pace. 

The French government offers the CIEF course at the University near the centre of Dijon, 20 – 25 hours tuition per week. This is student living in a classroom environment; it is worth checking on the class sizes when contacting the school. You can go for 2,3,4, or 6 weeks in summer (490 euros tuition, 250 euros student accommodation for two weeks); spend a semester at the college, or opt for a year’s course from October to May. This is very much student living, open to anyone 18 yrs and over, with cultural activities on offer too. If you want to get to know about France and the French, this is a good way to begin integrating. For full information, , tel 00 33 380 39 35 60.

Another holiday learning experience can be found at the Ecole des Trois Ponts based at Villa Beaulieul near Roanne, just over the border in the south of Burgundy. Here french classes and cookery classes are on offer in a houseparty atmosphere. Their premises has ten guest rooms, and they serve a buffet breakfast and lunch plus dinner with wine.

On an altogether more serious footing, Corcelle, teaches on a one-to-one basis in the beautiful Saône-et-Loire countryside where there is little distraction. These courses are aimed at business professionals wanting a quick fix with total immersion and at Corcelle, 50 hours a week is the norm - a strenuous undertaking for the brain. Corcelle, 71250 Sigy-le-Chatel, contact@corcelle.com

holiday courses

For more details on La Petite-Classe in Semur -en-Auxois and

Ecole des Trois Ponts, info@3ponts.edu




Read the local newspapers and magazines to be in the know, get the most out of your area, and improve your language skills at the same time.



Maison Coté Est

The super glossy interiors magazines in the Maisons Coté group offer up sumptuous photography portraying houses and lifestyle. Coté l’Est features articles on Burgundy and eastwards

Bourgogne Magazine

Bourgogne magazine has relaunched itself, changing from a general interest publication into a more wine-related magazine. People and places across Burgundy are featured.




Newspapers fall into the départements, the Côte d'Or, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, and Yonne. The most popular are:

Côte d’Or: Bien Public

Nièvre: Le Journal  and Le Post

Saône-et- Loire: Le Journal

Yonne: L’Yonne Republicaine


Free publications

Le Criquet

Local monthly news, events and ads in the Avallonnais and Auxois. Available widely in newsagents and local supermarkets.


Dijon based magazine highlighting music, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, conferences etc.mainly in the capital of Burgundy


France nationwide



A free publication in Paris with ads for accommodation and jobs. www.fusac.fr

De Particulier à Particulier

Private individuals advertise their real estate and the buyer liaises directly with the owner. Also miscellaneous items. Essentially Paris based with smaller regional entries. www.pap.fr




Channel 3 covers Burgundy and the Jura