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What's On in Burgundy 2017?

Dijon Antiques Fair

may 20-28

Dijon May, Parc des Expositions, 3 Boulevard de Champagne

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Dijon Antiques Fair Dijon’s antiques fair has been running annually for over 30 years at the Parc des Expositions. One of the best in France, it brings together 120 exhibitors (80 antique dealers plus 40 exhibitors in the brocante section) with more than 20,000 visitors pouring in to admire their wares.


The exhibitors present pieces of furniture, objects and pictures with a prevalence for the 18th century, a time when furniture reached its zenith for the quality of the production.


But the fair also welcomes antique dealers specializing in the High Period, the 19th century and even the 20th century and Art Deco until 1950. Asian art, jewels and old watches carrying the signature of the most prestigious brands (Cartier, Boucheron etc.) porcelain, earthenware, bronze and silverware are also present through recognised specialists.


The exhibitors are selected by an Expert Commission composed of professionals, experts, art lovers and former senior officials of the Ministry of Culture who select the exhibitors. They are particularly vigilant in the choice of the exhibitors and surround themselves with all the guarantees concerning their professional qualities on the one hand, and the authenticity of the pieces of furniture and the objects presented on the other hand.


An audit board, made up of experts, examines the contents of each stand before the opening to the public to ensure an additional guarantee for the purchasers.


The Antiques Dealers Fair of Dijon offers as well the free advice of experts on pieces of furniture, objects and jewels on show. Moreover, the organizer of the fair proposes his assistance for the transport and the clearance through customs of the pieces of furniture and objects bought.


Craftsmen are also on hand to share their knowledge and demonstrate techniques of cabinet-making, tapestry, framing and restoration and the cultural dimension of the fair is highlighted each year by holding an exhibition.


Dijon’s Antique Fair is open for 10 days in May from 11.00 – 19.30


For professionals, a trade day will take place

For further information: 00 33 (0)3 80 77 39 00