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Maison Louis Jadot - Burgundy from tip to toe

'Burgundy has many different faces and our job is to allow our wines to express its subtle differences. The terroir is unique, the perfect harmony between men and the land.'

Louis Jadot BurgundyBurgundy is one of France's most celebrated wine regions. The essence of its greatness is its wealth of vineyard sites, each with its own terroir. Nowhere in France is terroir more crucial to the final wine than in Burgundy. For Maison Louis Jadot, this is at the heart of their philosophy.  

Maison Louis Jadot produces Burgundy and only Burgundy wines.   From the tip of the region in Chablis to the toe in Beaujolais, this renowned Burgundy producer makes wine that span all styles, from regional and village wines through to 1er Cru and the most famous Grand Cru vineyard wines.

Louis Henry Denis Jadot founded the business in 1859. His vision was to build a business with a reputation for making high quality wines and to build a significant vineyard base to ensure control from vine to bottle.  This vision remains core to the business today. All the wines under the Louis Jadot label are Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée and equal importance is accorded to each of the appellations from Grand Crus to regional wines.

favouring a natural approach

Louis Baptiste Jadot and then Louis Auguste Jadot, followed Louis Henry Denis Jadot as heads of the company. Then, in 1954, another era began: André Gagey joined the firm as Monsieur Jadot’s assistant and apprentice. When Louis Auguste Jadot died without an heir in 1962, Madame Jadot appointed André Gagey as Managing Director. He began the slow process of modernising the company, and, in 1970, enlisted a young oenologist, Jacques Lardière, to help him. In 1988, André Gagey’s son, Pierre-Henry, joined the firm and became President of the company in 1991.  Today Pierre Henry is still head of the company.  His vision for Louis Jadot is clear: no compromise on quality and ever greater control over raw materials. He favours a natural approach tending towards the organic, wines made with feeling.  This vision was shared by Winemaker Jacques Lardière who was with the company for over 40 years.  Jacques retired
at the end of 2012 when Frédéric Barnier (right), who has worked
with Jacques since 2010, stepped up to take the reins.

Louis Jadot offers wines from all the key regions and qualities of Burgundy including the famed Echezeaux Grand Cru vineyards in the Côtes de Nuits, Meursault 1er Cru vineyards in the Côtes de Beaune and the top ‘Clos’ vineyards of Moulin à Vent in Beaujolais.  As one of the largest and most prestigious Burgundy houses, Louis Jadot owns or directly controls 93 ha of vineyards in Burgundy.  In addition to these vineyard holdings, Louis Jadot has long term contracts with many vineyard owners.

The Louis Jadot Company Headquarters are in the historic town of Beaune, the centre of Burgundy’s winemaking traditions.  Their iconic ‘La Sablière’ Winery cellars are kept exclusively for wines aged in barrels.  Visitors are very welcome.  Louis Jadot have a number of other wineries throughout the region which allow them complete control over the wines that they produce. 

For more information: www.louisjadot.com