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Cook with Confidence

Lynne’s Cooking Classes in Burgundy

Cooking Classes Burgundy Cooking Classes in Burgundy Cooking Classes in Burgundy

Oeufs en meurette, salade de fromage fort, poulet au vin rouge, filets de rouget, boeuf bourguignon, courgette roulade, tarte au citron, moelleux au chocolat... just some of the mouthwatering dishes from the Burgundy region that are on the menu at Lynne's farmhouse. At burgundytoday we are often asked where to go for cookery classes - here's the solution

Cooking Classes in the Farmhouse

Imagine a hands-on, small group Cooking Class in an old Burgundy farmhouse where you prepare, cook and eat some traditional Burgundy and French country dishes.

Lynne and David Hammond have lived and worked among the wine and food community in Burgundy since 2003. They offer one-day hands-on Cooking Classes in their 150 year-old farmhouse home set in the heart of the Burgundy countryside near Autun. Lynne began with classic French (cordon bleu) followed by additional training at the Bath School of Cookery and the world-renowned Leith's School of Food and Wine in London.

During the class for two or three people you prepare a three-course meal of traditional country-style Burgundy dishes. Lynne will explain the menu for the day and the best type of utensils to use.

Cooking Classes in Burgundy Cooking Classes in Burgundy Cooking Classes in Burgundy

 A cook can never have enough tips

'I love cooking and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm' she says. 'I always give you my personal attention, and like you to ask questions and share your cooking experience with others. A cook can never have enough tips. What can be better than exchanging ideas, preparing lovely food and sharing a meal afterwards? The feeling of pride and pleasure in enjoying the food makes the effort all worthwhile'.

On market days, Wednesday and Fridays, come and explore with Lynne a typical French market in Autun, meeting the artisans who produce local cheeses, meats, vegetables and breads. Just absorb and inhale all those amazing aromas. Here much of the produce for the meal is selected. On non-market days the class starts in their home.

Back at the farmhouse, the emphasis is on an informal, enjoyable day and the session is highly practical as if you were preparing the meal back home. You weigh, select, prepare and cook all the dishes and Lynne will demonstrate techniques, including how to use knives, etc as you progress. She will also give you tips not generally found in cookery books.

You will cook from fresh, seasonal produce generally sourced from local markets and talk about the passion France has for food and how central this is to everyday life here.

'Together', she adds, 'we will prepare a four-course meal including an aperitif, starter, main course and dessert. After cooking the meal we sit down together to enjoy our hard-earned lunch which will also include cheese and, of course, Burgundy wine'.

Lynne can also create special private classes specific to your skills or tastes, and particular dishes you wish to learn (ingredients subject to seasonal availability).

finger food and burgundy Wine workshop

Burgundy is recognised as one of the world's great wine regions – but its wines can appear confusing and challenging to pair with food. For example, which wine do you pair with local cheese? What should you select to go with Boeuf Bourguignon or Coq au Vin? Which Burgundy red goes well with fish?

The half-day Wine and Food Pairing Class in their farmhouse home includes an introduction to Burgundy wines, an explanation of the Burgundy wine label, a guide through the essentials of tasting red and white wine and concludes with a class on finger food eaten with local cheeses over lunch.

If you can’t come to Autun and are staying perhaps in a gîte or apartment elsewhere in Burgundy David and Lynne can bring our Wine and Food pairing class to you.

'At the end of the all the classes', Lynne says, 'I’ll guarantee my enthusiasm for food will rub off on you. You will Cook with Confidence with Cook in Burgundy!'