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Morvan Specialities


Morvan Specialities Burgundy France
Morvan Honey

If you think all honey tastes the same, be sure to try the varieties from the Morvan, each with their own distinctive flavour. Acacia, Tilleul (lime blossom), Châtaignier (sweet chestnut), Sapin (fir), Flores des fôrets (forest flowers) are just some of the enticing choices.

Cured Ham & Sausage

Cured ham is a delicacy. The intense flavour which develops during the months of hanging make it ideal for aperitifs, with a selection of cold meats or for jazzing up gratin or meat dishes when cooking. Morvan ham is produced in Arleuf and Château Chinon. First the pork is salted for three to four weeks and then hung in a well ventilated area for between six and eleven months to mature. It must always be sliced as thinly as possible when serving.

The area is also famous for its charcuterie. The sausages made of cooked meat, usually pork, often with a ground pepper coating, are served thinly sliced. Terrines and patés are other Morvan specialities.


Fromage Blanc is lighter than other types of cheese and is served either sprinkled with sugar or fine herbs, usually between the main course and the dessert.

Soft ewes, goats and cows milk cheeses are made at a variety of farms such as the Chèverie de la Pierre Longue and most notably .

Production of tomme has begun recently in the Morvan from ewe, goat and cows’ milk. This is a firmer cheese with a longer shelf life than the softer varieties.

The has the best selection of local cheeses from the whole area.

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