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Lakes of the Morvan

There’s an abundance of natural lakes dotted all around in the Morvan Natural Park but the large reservoirs are areas of outstanding beauty surrounded by woodland and forest. There are six in total, offering fishing, water sports and relaxation areas for bird watching, walking, riding and mountain biking. For specific cycling routes see Cycling - Secret Burgundy.

Map of Morvan Rivers and Lakes Burgundy France

Lac de Chamboux

The smallest of the reservoirs in the Morvan (75 hectares), this was built in 1985 to supply water to the Saulieu region. It’s a particularly good spot for bird watching.

Lac de ChaumeCon

Completed in 1935 on the River Chalaux, a tributary of the Cure, the lake covers an area of 200 hectares. Water sports are popular, plus walking, fishing and mountain biking.

Lac du Crescent

The Lac du Crescent regulates the water in the River Yonne and hence the Seine preventing flooding in Paris. Constructed in 1933, (165 hectares) built on the Cure and the Chalaux rivers, it is ideal for sailing, walking and fishing.

Lac de PannEciere-Chaumard

The largest lake in the Morvan with a surface area of 520 hectares, this is the richest lake in fish, particularly perch and pike. It lies on the River Yonne and regulates the hydrological system of the Seine basin. The dam is the largest of its kind in France. Water sports are popular.

Lac St-Agnan

Very tranquil, Lac St.Agnan supplies drinking water to about 30 towns and villages.
It was completed in 1969 (140 hectares) with fishing and boating the main activities.

Lac des Settons

Morvan Fishing Lake Burgundy France

Artificial lake completed in 1861 (360 hectares) to improve logging operations on the Rivers Cure and control the flow of water on the Cure and Yonne in times of drought.

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