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Visual Arts

Bettina Rheims - Photographer

Bettina Rheims, Burgundy, France

French photographer Bettina Rheims is internationally known for her images of women. The work shown here features her exhibition, entitled Liquid Gold which toured the world in 2007 and 2008, sponsored by the winemakers of Chablis.

Rheims has photographed the stars: Madonna, Andie MacDowell, Sharon Stone and Vanessa Paradis…, each time expressing intimate moments. This is her talent, extracting the deepest sense of femininity from her subject. Described as close to ‘Freudian analysis’, she captures fragility, sensuality, reflection, adventure, pride, elegance and desire. In her Liquid Gold exhibition, she showed women ‘rich with feelings and diversity like a glass of golden wine.’

Burgundy Bettina Rheims, France

Rheims’ retrospective work is currently on view at some of the world’s finest museums from Helsinki to Brussels. Heroïnes, her 2006 work showed 23 women in an ‘off beat’ kind of beauty. It is her skill for extracting a woman’s inner self that is so alluring.

She describes her childhood in Paris as a 'rock ‘n’ roll' lifestyle. ‘Sex is back’ she states, referring to a world in which adventure can happen and must be expected, where one can dream and build stories. She herself worked as a model, journalist and art dealer before taking to photography in 1978 at the age of 26. Acclaim followed with her first solo exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 1981. Since then, world exhibitions, advertising campaigns for Well and Chanel, album covers, film posters and magazine work have followed on.