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Annette Meech and Christopher Williams came to the little village of Sivignon in southern Burgundy in 1999 and set up their studio-workshop in the stone barn with the gallery in their house alongside. Their work is both stylish and stylized and can be seen in museums and collections around the world.

On the practical side there are items like the water pitcher, the Baas Carafe, designed with utility in mind to go straight from the fridge to the table. Having said that, it is a piece of modern art with stand-alone quality. Then there are the one-off pieces where ‘the work demonstrates a more precise exploration of form and colour through the medium of glass’.

Meech, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, became design consultant to Ravenhead Glass, and taught at Art and Design Colleges before moving to France. She is an accomplished glassblower but recently has been producing flat decorative panels from furnace glass fired in an electric kiln.

Christopher Williams specializes in free blown forms in vibrant colours with unusual necks achieved by cutting, grinding and polishing.

Visitors to their house and studio, Le Bourg, Sivignon are welcome, but it is advisable to call first: tel: 03 85 59 64 25